The Football CFB View: Thank you to all who have supported me so far.

The football CFB logo designed by Sean Davenport and @SDDesign2019

I have always been incredibly passionate about football across all levels in Scotland, England and Europe. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I never shut up about football.

I always aspired to be a sports journalist and I had the grades at school to go for my dream but I was warned against it by many who said ‘if you don’t know anyone in the industry, don’t waste your time.’

I listened to that advice and ditched my dream and thought I’d never ever come back to it. I set off on a different path as a teacher – a job that brings me immense happiness and joy. However, football has always been my main passion and the dream for me since I was a child.

Two men within the game and broadcasting in particular helped inspired me to finally at long last give football broadcasting and writing a go. Those men are sports lawyer Daniel Geey and Manchester United fanatic and BTP media host Phil Brown. Both men took the time to reply to an email I sent them when going through a tough time last year thanking them for producing work that kept me going through the dark days and incredibly since then both men have become close friends of mine who I speak with regularly. If it wasn’t for them and the support of my close friends and family, Football CFB would never have existed.

Daniel (top) and Phil (bottom) with Romelu Lukaku

Football CFB ( @Football_CFB on twitter ) is 5 weeks old & has over 6k listens. Can’t thank my guests enough for their help. So far on the podcast I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Christian Nade, Kerr Waddell, Darren Young, Frazer Wright, Derek Rae, Rory Hamilton, Roger Mitchell, Andy McLaren, Robbie Crawford, Brian Graham, David Cox, Brian Wake David Hopkin, David McKinnon and I have many others lined up over the next few weeks and months.

I also have to thank everyone at Greenock Morton and in particular Dave McKinnon, David Hopkin, Anton McElhone, David Timmins, Brendan McEleny, Ewan Boyle & Gerry McDade for their help & support as I’ve worked alongside the club to produce the Morton weekly podcast series. Big news on the Morton weekly SOON.

To have sponsors of the podcast so far in @StadiumPrint and @OSFshop – has been beyond my wildest expectations and I thank them for their support too.

And last but not least to the clubs who have allowed me access to their grounds as part of the press list to cover a game – Hamilton Accies, Greenock Morton, St Mirren and Clydebank.

I hope that this is just the start for Football CFB and that I can one day achieve my dream of working within football but I felt that now was the time to thank everyone for their support do far at the start of my journey.

Look out for many more football CFB written articles online at – and many more podcasts at –

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