Football CFB in the community: Working alongside local primary schools in Inverclyde

Interviewing Gerry McDade for a live special at Lady Alice Primary School

As a primary school teacher, education and helping inspire the next generation is something that I do my best to do each and everyday in the classroom. I love teaching and working with children.

However, I must admit that never did I foresee that eight weeks into running Football CFB that I would be invited to local primary schools to talk to children about podcasting and developing the young workforce. Being invited to speak to children at Moorfoot primary in Gourock and Lady Alice primary in Greenock (where I also work) was an honour.

Speaking to the children at both Moorfoot and Lady Alice, I left incredibly impressed with their passion for football, podcasting and broadcasting.

The questions I was asked by the children of primaries 4, 5, 6 and 7 were well planned and articulated and I did my very best to answer every question that came my way. I was also privileged to be joined in Lady Alice by Football writer, commentator and Greenock Morton media man Gerry McDade for a very special live episode of Football CFB with Lady Alice children were we discussed his experience of school, various roles that he’s held in the workplace and what it’s like to work in football. Gerry is a good friend and was an absolute joy to interview not just for me but the children also.

The main message I had for the children of both schools – a message echoed by Gerry too – was very simple: DARE TO DREAM.

The only person who can stop you achieving your dream is YOU. That’s something I’ve learned over the last few years first hand. I gave up my dream of working in sports media at 18 due to people saying I’d never make it and that I was wasting my time. I parked that dream never expecting to revisit it but revisit it is exactly what I’ve done – now at 24 – in the last few months by setting up my own football website, podcast and social media presence.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been supported in my first 8 weeks by over 10,500 listeners and over 1 million people who have had an ‘impression’ of my content via twitter and my other social media platforms. My dream remains to work in sports media.

I started with 3 objectives. To have 300 followers by June, 500 by December and to appear on BBC Scotland’s Off The Ball by July 2021. The first two objectives have already been surpassed in just 8 weeks which utterly amazes me and I have one to go.

Off the Ball and talking to Stuart and Tam would be a dream for me and that brings me back to what I told each child I worked with this week: Dare To Dream because the only person who can stop you is you and trust me I don’t plan on waking up from this dream anytime soon.

Thank you to each and every one of you for listening to the podcast, supporting my articles and writing lovely emails supporting me and CFB. I do not take any of it for granted and I never will. Your support is inspiring and has helped me more than you’ll ever know. Thank you and remember Dare To Dream.

All the best,


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