Football: the beautiful game. What the game means to me in photos.

Football is the most amazing game in the world. To me it’s such a massive part of my life and it is my obsession. I just can’t get enough of the game whether that is the elite level, non league level or grassroots level.

Here is what the game means to me in photos.

It all started with jumpers for goalposts. Playing football with jumpers for goalposts with my cousin Jack.
From jumpers for goalposts to playing for various boys club teams: St Andrews, AKFC and Gourock United under the watchful eye of manager David Clark
Playing in the park or around my back garden everyday when when I played boys club was part of daily life
Going to Celtic park with my cousins and family friends and going to Cappielow with Dad was the upbringing I had.
I’ve been lucky to have been to Old Trafford many time over the years with my school on a trip, with dad, my friends and my fiancée Mary-Ann. Here is when I did the tour with a questionable haircut…
I love touring football stadiums and watching matches in new and different places whenever I can.

From playing the game, following the game as a fan, going on many stadium tour around the UK and now running my very own football podcast: Football CFB. Starting CFB has now given me the absolute privilege of interviewing those within football whom I greatly admire and even share a press box with them.

My dream is to work in football one day as I live and breathe the game. However, even if my dream somehow fades or fails then one thing is for sure: my love for the game will never wane as it’s the greatest the game in the world.

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