The CFB view: it simply can’t be business as usual after this crisis.

‘Newcastle willing to pay Mauricio Pochettino £19 million per season’ according to Sky Sports.

Great money if you can get it. However, it has to be said whoever is leaking such information surely has to realise that at this moment such obscene wages and figures are not what the footballing public wants to hear.

Right now, thousands of people are dying in the UK and across the world due to the current pandemic including many frontline NHS workers. The same NHS workers who are VASTLY underpaid and under appreciated by those in the corridors of power.

That brings me to the crux of my point. Many football fans in the UK will work in the NHS, have used it in the past at a time of need or know someone working in the NHS. At this moment, they are risking their own lives to save the lives of others.

The appreciation from the public for them and their work as well as the work of other – in my opinion also undervalued – key workers such as carers, the men and woman who collect and empty our rubbish, retail staff in supermarkets, bus drivers, postmen and women, etc is now being appreciated as shown with the Thursday night clap of appreciation.

Furthermore, it is estimated that 4 million people may be unemployed in the aftermath of this unprecedented situation – I myself could very well be one of them to be honest. This is where football has to come in and set an example.

Sure, we all miss the joy and the thrill of attending football, admiring the skills of the worlds best and of course the sheer jubilation of watching our team score a goal but in light of the pain that this crisis has caused not only emotionally with the loss of loved ones but also financially; does football really think that the yellow tie culture of which club can spend – or in many cases WASTE – the most money is going to be as appealing as if once was? The answer is obvious, it simply won’t be.

We have watched our society revert to old school community values such as checking in on our neighbours, looking out for everyone and appreciating one another and the true heroes of our society.

Therefore, if football and those involved within it are as smart as they are portrayed to be, they’ll understand and realise that they too have a part to play in society once the game returns and that at this moment the obscene capitalist cash chase simply will put people off the game rather than attract them back to it as when this crisis is over things will never be the same again.

We have all had time to think about what we truly value in our lives and what we want to put right when this crisis is over. I just hope the powers at be within the game realise this and fully play their part rather then risk losing so many of the games biggest admirers by alienating them from the game they so dearly cherish.

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Published by Callum McFadden

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