My Top 10 Footballing Heroes

1. Henrik Larsson – the best player I’ve ever had the joy of watching over a prolonged period live. I cried my eyes out at his testimonial. What a career.

2. Matt Le Tissier – the most naturally gifted English player I’ve ever seen. When I played the game as a kid I tried to play like Matt with long passes being the thing my game was remembered for. They just don’t make them like him anymore.

3. Paul Scholes – the best passer of a ball I’ve ever seen live. Never made a bad pass. Dictated the tempo of games at the highest level. How United could do with a player like him today.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo – watching him develop through the years at United and then achieve what he has since United is just incredible. Messi is an incredible player too and arguably the best ever but I just loved watching United and Ronaldo in their pomp.

5. Zinedine Zidane – footballing perfection. Glided through games with ease regardless of opposition. Classy classy player.

6. Andreas Iniesta – technically a joy to watch. I am so happy he scored the winner in the World Cup final of 2010 as it couldn’t have happened to a more likeable player. The best central midfielder of my lifetime.

7. Shunsuke Nakamura – his free kicks were scarily good. Scored the winner against Man Utd at Celtic park on my 11th birthday which was one of the best nights of my life. Wow.

8. Dimitar Berbatov – The closed I’ve seen to Matt Le Tissier. Effortless, classy beyond belief and a joy to watch.

9. Roy Keane – whenever the word captain is mentioned Keane is the image that comes to mind. The ultimate premier league player in the early 2000’s and a great watch on tv as a pundit too.

10. Gary Neville – the best right back of the premier league era and the best pundit on tv covering football today. Gutted it never worked out for him in management but I see him as United’s chief executive one day.

Published by Callum McFadden

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