My Top 10 Morton Heroes

1. Derek Lilley – a truly classy player. A joy to watch even in his twilight years. My dad’s favourite of the 90s as well!

2. Andy McLaren – standing in the cow shed with my dad watching him score directly from a corner was a true wow moment for me growing up. What a player!

3. Peter Weatherson – what a player! Goals from everywhere he played on the pitch and seeing him in the 9-1 game vs Forfar is one of my best days watching football.

4. Jim McAlister – a legend as a player and a legend as a person. Always has time for fans and I loved watching him as tricky winger with the number 11 shirt up to now as a central midfielder and the club captain. I hope he stays at the club long term in a coaching role.

5. Chris Millar – a legend of the club. Classy on the ball and to go to win the Scottish cup sums up his talent.

6. Chris Templeman – the goals against Kilmarnock are my favourite memory of going to Cappielow with dad. What a player when he was in the mood.

7. Alan Mahood – only got to see Alan when he was a veteran but boy could he play. Wish I got to watch him at his peak but what a player!

8. Stewart Greacen – what a captain and what a character! Mr Morton during his time with the club.

9. Scott Bannerman – controversial to put him in ahead of Alex Williams but he was my personal favourite and my first real Morton hero as a kid!

10. Michael Tidser – what a player. Technically superb and I just wish he had stayed at the club as I miss watching him week in week out at Cappielow.

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