5 players who could be on the move

This summer will see the transfer window become a buyers market rather than a sellers market. In that case who are the 5 players CFB thinks will be on the move?

1. Timo Werner – it’s only a matter of time before Timo Werner leaves Leipzig with the expectation that Chelsea have secured a deal to sign him. At £49 million he represents value for money compared to previous transfers such as £76 million for Kepa…

2. Jack Grealish – for me any deal for Grealish will depend on Villa’s premier league status. If they go down I have no doubts that Grealish will be sold to balance the books however given the current climate if they stay up, I think Villa might just get one more season from their talisman.

3. Jesse Lingard – the time has come for Lingard to move on from Manchester United. A move abroad would give him the fresh start he so desperately needs in light of negative media coverage in the U.K.

4. Jadon Sancho – if a club pay the £100 million that Dortmund want he’ll leave the club. For me Manchester United will pay this amount to ensure they don’t miss out on the player who is their top target.

5. Adam Lallana – A free agent at the end of the season for me a move to Leicester under Brendan Rodgers would make the most sense for both parties. I would be shocked if this move didn’t happen.

Published by Callum McFadden

Football CFB founder, @backonside ambassador. Freelance football writer & broadcaster - Enquiries: footballcfb@gmail.com

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