Barton on Llambias

Joey Barton spoke exclusively to Callum McFadden on Football CFB

“The more and more we got into it, the more and more I just knew I shouldn’t have been in there.”

“He started talking to me about performance KPIs, and this is a guy who ran a casino. How are you talking about football? You know absolutely nothing about football.

“If we were talking about finance, figures, gambling odds, yeah I’d probably listen to you. But you’re talking about the state of football and what you think about me as a player, and you’re not in a position to make that call.

“I walked out after 15 minutes and with the door still open I said ‘don’t ever put me in a room with a f****** imbecile ever again’.

“He’s the managing director, so I knew at that point it’s not going to go particularly well.

“I knew Derek was only Mike’s lackey so he was an absolute puppet, so I’m presuming at this point there’s going to be an intervention and me and Mike will sit down as we have done in the past and resolve any kind of issues.”

He explained: “Derek in his wisdom said if we finish eighth and above, I’ll give you the extra year you’re looking for.

“I would have taken less money to sign for Newcastle but I wanted an extra year because I needed the security.

“Because he’s a casino boss, he said I’ll have a bet with you. If that was down to me and was in my power, I can control that and I’d back myself.

“But you’re asking me to back the performance of every other player I’m going to play with, and if they get it wrong do I say f****** hell you’ve cost me another year?

“It was wrong for him to put me and the players in that situation. That should have been something negotiated separately because he didn’t have a clue what he was doing.”

A slanging match between Barton and United followed. The midfielder accuses the club’s hierarchy of leaking stories to the press in an attempt to turn fans against him – claims he would quickly dispute on Twitter.

Barton added: “At that point I just started dabbling about with Twitter.

“It was a way to circumvent any journalists, and after seeing the story I was able to take it out the moment it was published and add much more context.

“They were basically coming to a gunfight with a stunt gun, and I realised that now. You’re trying to release lies to me to discredit me with the fans, when I can just speak to the fans with just one Tweet.”

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