Christie Murray – Friends reunited, new season buzz and Tierney or Robertson?

Credit: Birmingham City Women

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New Club – Familiar faces

Whenever you join a new club, it’s vital that you settle as quickly as possible. For me, settling in at Birmingham has been very easy.

Within the first fortnight, I have got to know my new teammates quickly, loved working under manager Carla Ward as her sessions are first class and demanding and to top it all off, I was made team captain for the season ahead.

I never thought I would be made captain of this great club especially this quickly. However, as soon as I was asked, I was absolutely delighted and determined to succeed.

In the last week, I have been joined at the club by Scotland teammates Rachel Corsie and JamieLee Napier. We also have Abbi Grant – who was at the club last season – which has been great as we all have similar humour and a drive to succeed.

Carla has even commented that she loves having us Scots in and around the club as we have a great work ethic – something that has been instilled in me since my beginnings in the game at Celtic and Glasgow City.


Last weekend, we started the season away to Brighton and Hove Albion. Unfortunately we lost the game 2-0 but we learned a lot and it is still very early in the season. I am confident we will grow as a team in the coming weeks and months.

Credit: Birmingham City Women

The WSL has witnessed an influx of world class talent this summer with many US internationals joining the league and Champions League winners returning to the WSL too.

This makes this season even more exciting for me and my teammates as I love nothing more than testing myself against the very best – both at club and international level.

There is no doubt that the women’s game is growing year upon year and to those sharing mistakes from our game in social media, I have a simple message. Footballers are human and all players from the elite to Sunday league make mistakes and that is what makes the game what it is.

Credit: Birmingham City Women

Mistakes are learning experiences for players. They don’t define us and they certainly don’t define the women’s game. Rather than sharing a short clip to poke fun at our game, why not watch a full match and gather a balanced view of our game and the skill within it rather than try and mock us for being dedicated each and every day to what we love: football.

Tierney or Robertson

I feel for Steve Clarke. Kieran Tierney and Andy Robertson are two of the best left backs in world football. There is no doubt about that.

How do you fit them both into the Scotland team and ensure you get the very best from each of them?

I’ll be very honest and say that I am unsure of the best way to do it. One of them will have to play out of position and to be fair Clarke and Scotland have tried a few options – Tierney at RB or CB and Robertson further forward in LM – which have varied in success.

I think Clarke will get it right and that both players can play together and that as a nation, we will see the best of both players in future years. Things always take time to gel and I have no doubt the Scotland team will gel with both Tierney and Robertson in starting positions sooner rather than later.

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