Christie Murray: World Cup memories, title success and the success of Shelley Kerr

You played two seasons for Liverpool FC Women in 2018. How do you look back on your time and the club and how would you describe a club such as Liverpool FC in the women’s game?

I am indeed not at the club anymore. I left in the summer after my contract was up. I did enjoy my first season in particular at the club in my initial stage when I was working under Neil Redfearn.

Credit: Jake / Flickr

After returning from the World Cup for my second season with Liverpool I did find it challenging and I felt that I didn’t get the opportunities to play that I was looking for.

You had a three season spell at Glasgow City. How do you look back on your time at the club and do you have any highlights and memories?

My initial three seasons at city were brilliant. Particularly the first season because I was able to play Champions League which was one of the reasons I signed for the club and obviously to win league tiles. At that point they were and still are leading the league in Scotland so for me it was the perfect opportunity to go and develop and to push myself on as a player.

There were a number of senior internationals that played for the club and then of course the exposure of playing in the Champions League was a huge draw for me to sign. In my first season we qualified out of the group stages (we were the first Scottish team to ever do that) so to have all our family and friends come to watch us in a home and away leg was a brilliant thing to be part of. I have some really great memories from playing there.

You have been capped and made many appearances for your country of Scotland. How do you reflect so far on your international career and do you have any highlights or special memories?

It is a massive honour for me to play for my national team and it is the highlight and pinnacle of my career. As a young player I always dreamed of doing so, therefore to make as many appearances as I have done and to be part of the squad that went to both major tournaments the European Championships in 2017 and the World Cup in 2019 was amazing.

Credit: Liondartois

As a national team player that is what we all have been striving to do for so long and to do it on back to back occasions in the last four years has been very special. On top of that to be part of the team that started against England was a definite highlight in my career, if not the highlight because it is the world stage and I think as a footballer and football fan you dream of playing for your country at a World Cup. I was fortunate to have my family and friends there watching so that was a very special moment for me.

You have accrued good experience at club and international level, could you say who are among the best players you have played alongside so far in your career?

Yes, There are a few players that stand out in that respect, definitely Kelly Smith when I was at Arsenal for one season. I think for me to play alongside someone like her and just to see how she trains and kind of witness how special she was as a player, her ability to change a game at the drop of a hat made her a very special player and I learned a lot from her.

Credit: Johnmaxmena John Mena

If I was to think of a young player at the moment with buckets of talent, I’d have to say my Scotland teammates young Erin Cuthbert is doing excellent and really well for Chelsea FC and the Scottish national team. I believe that she will go from strength to strength.

I have been fortunate to play alongside many great players and I would feel bad if I was to miss anybody out but I would say those two players are up there if I am talking about past and current players they would be the two examples I would give at the moment.

I can imagine in your position as an attacking midfielder and a striker that you have played against many difficult opponents so far in your career, could you say which opponents stand out for you in terms of talent and ability?

I definitely remember one player standing out when I was playing in the Champions League for Bristol. Her name is Dzsenifer Marozsán. I thought she was an exceptional midfielder who had a great technique on the ball and range of passing. She is just a very good footballer and it was difficult to play against her.

Finally Christie could you say who are the coaches and managers that have meant a lot to you and played a key role in your development as a professional footballer in your career so far?

Yes, there are two managers that definitely stand out in my mind. Eddie Wolecki Black when played for Glasgow City FC. I think at that point I had never really been exposed to that level of tactical and technical detail in training so when I moved to the club it was like moving up a level in terms of professionalism, concentration and intensity. I think as a younger player he definitely influenced me as a player.

If I go to the current day, Shelley Kerr as my national team manager has been influential in developing me over the past 4 years. She is someone whom I massively respect and trust in football. I feel as though she understands me as a player and as a person which I think is equally as important. Those two managers really stand out for me in that respect.

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