David Proctor: ICT, Craig Leiven, Canada and Terry Butcher

You signed for East Kilbride in 2018 and you are also currently interim manager of the club. How are you enjoying your time at the club so far as a player and a manager and how would you describe a club such as East Kilbride FC?

I am currently in my third spell at East Kilbride FC having already signed for the club in 2016 following quiet a bad back injury that I sustained during my time at Airdrieonians F.C.

At the time I was the wrong end of 30 and the owner of East Kilbride FC had contacted me knowing that it was my home town club and that played a part in my decision to drop down a couple of levels. It was a great decision for both parties and I have never looked back. We had quiet a good run in the league and we surpassed the Ajax record in our famous winning run where we won 30 games in a row and Ajax actually commemorated it by sending 28 crates of beer all the way over from Amsterdam so that was a memorable occasion for all the boys and the football club.

We also received a video message from Edwin van der Sar to commemorate the achievement which was something very special for the club and for the town and everyone who was a part of that winning run was buzzing. So that it some as interim manager at the moment and hopefully be given the opportunity to do it permanently and achieve something like that in the future. Ajax also published a video about East Kilbride’s achievement and it is something that I certainly look back on every now and again in a very fond way.

You played one season for Dundee United. How do you look back on your time at the club and do you have any highlights or special memories?

Credit: Bill Broaden / Tannadice / CC BY-SA 2.0

My season at Dundee United was probably summed by frustration. I made around 13 appearances for the club and unfortunately the manager that brought me to the club Craig Brewster had been on a poor run following on from the previous season so after about nine games of the season Craig had lost his job and then Dundee United brought in Craig Levein who subsequently went on to manage the Scottish national team.

New managers coming in want to bring in their own players and I did not hold any grudges although I was disappointed that I did not go on to make the impact that I would have liked at the club. I was still reasonably young at that time at 22 to go on a develop during my career so my time at Dundee United was certainly a steep learning curve for me but the experience at the club made me a stronger person and player I took that experience on to my next club at Inverness Caledonian Thistle F.C.

You also played in Canada for FC Edmonton. How do you look back on your time playing football in North America and do you have any special memories or highlights from your time at the club?

Yes, I absolutely loved my time in North America. We played in the North American Soccer League and it was a Dutch coach in Harry Sinkgraven who signed me ( His son Daley is also a professional footballer and currently players for Bayer Leverkusen ) and his assistant Hans Schrijver was also a very good coach.

They both were both very strong in a tactical sense but the left the club at the end of the season and Colin Miller took over the reigns and kept me on at the club. I had two good years in Edmonton in Canada and it was a great experience. We used to fly every second weekend to games down in the U.S.A.

We played down in the likes of Minneapolis, Tampa in Florida, North Carolina and San Antonio in Texas. It was such a great experience. My wife came out to Canada with me and she really loved the country and we definitely go back to visit Canada again in future because the country made such a lasting impression on us.

As you mentioned you are currently interim manager at East Kilbride FC. Before taking on the role did you speak to any managers that you played under or managers that you knew in the game and did they give you any advice or encouragement upon becoming interim manager?

Credit: W.L.Tarbet

Yes, I received a really nice message from Terry Butcher my old manager at Inverness Caledonian Thistle F.C who also captained England is is remembered among others for his blood splattered strip in a match against Sweden. He was my manager for three years and he send me a message to wish me good luck and wish my all the best with my interview for the permanent manager’s position so that was a really nice touch from such an imposing figure as a manager. He used to have to duck before he came into a room because his frame was that big and he is such a big character.

Finally David, You have taken on the role of interim manager of East Kilbride at the moment. Could you describe your managerial philosophy in regards to football management and is there anything in particular that you would like to achieve in your managerial career?

I would love the opportunity to take my home town team up to the SPFL and the Scottish professional leagues. It is well known that the club and the town is all set up and built for a professional club that can be sustainable. The population of East Kilbride at the surrounding areas is 100,000 so we should have a semi professional or a professional team so that is a dream of mine.

I had the same dream as a player and back then we just missed out on the play-offs so if I was given the opportunity to achieve that here as a manager it would go down as one of my biggest achievements and memories in football. I am on my way and if I can help develop players from East Kilbride and the surrounding area and give them a team on their doorstep which is something I did not have growing up in East Kilbride so to be able to achieve that is a real incentive to work hard and try to make it.

Hopefully such a thing will go on to develop the community as a whole and obviously I want to be able to do that with a nice, exciting , attacking brand of football as most managers would want to do but being a defender in my playing days I have always been aware of the importance of having solid foundation at the back.

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