Momo Yansane: Footballing adventures and ambition

You signed for FC Isloch Minsk Raion in Belarus in 2020 following a successful loan spell.How are you enjoying your time at the club so far and how would you describe a club such as FC Isloch Minsk Raion?

I am enjoying your my time at FC Isloch Minsk Raion and I have been surprised at the level here in Belarus. I chose to become a professional footballer from a young age and I have never done any other job apart from playing football.At times it has been hard on my journey as a professional football so far and I have had to work hard to reach my goal to go as far as I can in world football.

I have starting to get more attention here at FC Isloch Minsk Raion so I must continue to work hard. FC Isloch Minsk Raion are a team that also wants to work hard , play well and gain positive results in the Belorussian League.

Credit: Momo Yansane Twitter

You spent two seasons playing for FUS Rabat in Morocco. How do you look back on your time at the club and do you have any special memories or highlights?

When I play played in FUS Rabat in Morocco a couple of times I had some disagreements with the then manager.It was a really interesting league and country to play in. At times I felt that the manager was holding me back and I had to work even harder to get a place in the team.Finally when I got my chance in the team I managed to score and as a striker it is normal to score goals and as in life you have to work hard and life on the pitch can be full of up’s and down’s.I always remained positive and after a good experience playing football in Morocco and it stood my in good stead for my future and I managed to move on and play my football here in Belarus for FC Isloch Minsk Raion.

You mentioned your journey as a professional football and that journey started out for you playing for Hafia FC based in Conakry in your native Guinea. How do you look back on where it all started for you playing football in Guinea and what are your highlights and specials memories from playing football in your country?

Yes, Before I arrived in Morocco at FUS Rabat I played as you say Hafia FC IN Conakry and I ad a great president and a good manager during my time at the club. They gave me the opportunity to shine along with my teammates and I worked very hard.My teammates really helped me to score 15 goals in 18 matches and I found playing football very easy but that is not enough you have to work hard as in life.

Football does not lie talent without hard work is not enough. Today we see Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar who are wonderful players who also work very hard to achieve things in their career. You also see that they are happy on the pitch.

I am still in contact with old teammates and colleagues from my time at Hafia FC and sometimes they call me and say we need you here please come back and score which is nice but I aim to go far in my future and achieve my objectives and my teammates at FC Isloch Minsk Raion also need me now.Although football in not really professional in Guinea unlike Europe we only have like four really football stadiums but I loved my time playing football in my country.

Finally Momo , You are still a very young striker and you have spoken about how hard you have worked on your journey through your professional career so far. What are your ambitions in the future and what would you like to achieve in your professional career?

Yes , I am experienced playing in Guinea, Morocco and now Belarus and I want to continue to go far as I can in my career as a professional footballer.I would love to play for a team like Liverpool FC in England or my favourite club in Spain FC Barcelona. I would love to play for one of those clubs in future and also experience Champions League too.You never know who is watching and if I continue to work hard I could play for my favourite time in FC Barcelona.

At times life as a professional football can be hard but you must never lose sight of your goals and objectives that you set yourself as professional player.I am a striker that has played in Guinea, Morocco and now Belarus and I scored goals in those countries.I want to continue to score, score , score and I want to go as high as I can in my career as a professional footballer.

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