Christie Murray: International recognition and what it’s like being on international duty

What it’s like being called up by your country

Being called up by your country is the pinnacle of many footballers’ careers. I’m no different. I absolutely love representing Scotland and to have done so over 60 times so far in my career fills me with immense pride.

A question that I’m often asked is: How do you know you’ve been called up? Do you find out when fans find out?

The straight forward answer to that is no. As players, our team general manager will be notified that we have been called up and we will receive an email from our national team explaining that we have been selected and informed of the itinerary.

It is such an amazing feeling to receive the news however the news is embargoed until it has been released for the media and fans to pour over. So, I have to hold the information in until it’s official before telling family and friends.

I am delighted that on this international camp, I will be in the squad along with my club teammates Abi Grant and captain Rachel Corsie who are both a joy to play with at Birmingham City.

Credit: Birmingham City Football Club

We are making good progress as a team and I was absolutely over the moon to score my first goal for the club in this weekend’s win over Bristol City. My pre-season was shorter than normal and I feel that I am growing stronger each and every week and I am absolutely loving my football at the moment.

It is just a shame that our home match against Albania will be behind closed doors as I always love coming home to play in front of the Scotland fans as well as friends and family. Although, the thought of crowds returning again one day spurs the team on as we can’t wait to be reunited with our passionate fans.

What it’s like on camp

Over the years, many in the media have been fascinated by how footballers cope with downtime in international duty.

I love to read when I am on camp and I always try to read at least two books when I’m away. At the World Cup, I listened to the audio book version of Carlo Ancelotti’s ‘Quiet Leadership’ and I learned a lot from it.

Credit: Penguin Books / Carlo Ancelotti

I also enjoy reading sports psychology books as I am always looking to learn and non fiction books are my go to.

In normal times, some of the girls may go for a coffee or a walk while we are away and of course, Netflix is always an option to pass the time.

Nothing beats the thrill of match day though and hopefully we can make the nation proud in both matches.

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