Michael Doyle: Queens Park, Michael McGlinchey and ambitions at Hampden

By The Real Fitbaw – @FitbawReal

You’ve joined Ray McKinnon at Queen’s Park this season. How did the move come around and how are you finding it so far?

Credit: Queens Park FC

“Having already worked with the manager at Falkirk and enjoying my time under him there and also working with Laurie Ellis at Queen of the South and having a really good relationship with both. Once they got in contact with me about joining Queen’s Park – even though I had a couple of offers from the Championship – once they told me about the ambition and the future that they had planned for the club like a new stadium, new training ground and a squad to come up through the leagues it was an easy choice for me.”

Credit: Malcolm Neal / A junior tournament / CC BY-SA 2.0

You are top of the league following a solid start. How would you access the opening matches and is the main aim winning the title this season?

“We have obviously got off to a good start and want to be at the top come the end of the season but we still have long way to go and a lot hard work to do if we want to continue our good form as we are still a brand new squad and we are still getting to know each other but I feel as the season goes on we will only go from strength to strength.”

You have had plenty experience across the lower leagues in your career. Do you feel this will help the Spiders this season and beyond?

Credit: Richard Webb / Recreation Park / CC BY-SA 2.0

“Having already been through a similar journey when I started off at Alloa with a completely new squad and working our way from the then Third Division into a team that was competing and surviving in a Championship that had Rangers, Hibs and Hearts in it then I definitely think I have experience on and off the park that I can pass onto the other players.”

Michael McGlinchey has just joined. With over 50 international caps and plenty of miles in his career..how good is he to have around?

Credit: Oleg Bkhambri (Voltmetro)

A – “I know Michael from when we where together at the Celtic Academy. He’s also from my area. I think his CV speaks for itself and he’s came in and fitted into our squad easily. He’s a super talented footballer and I’m looking forward to playing with him.”

The fans have spoken and named Will Baynham: ‘Buffalo Bill Baynham’. You were fighting for the Wallace camp.. how did he get that nickname and has it now changed since?

“I think Will has a huge future in the game as he has all the attributes to play at the top level and what is even better is he is a cracking guy and very easy to like. So ever since he has been in with us I have called him “Wallace”. It was just one of they things that started one day and it hasn’t stopped, it did add nicely that he didn’t know that William Wallace was a real person as he thought it was a character Mel Gibson had came up with.”

Credit: Rudolph Botha Permission /
Licensed under GFDL

Finally, at 29 you are heading into the peak of your career. Are you hoping to spend this with QP as they work up the leagues?

“Definitely. One of the reasons I signed for Queen’s Park was because of the ambition that the club has in not just getting up the leagues as fast as possible and competing there, but also in the size they want to build the whole football club up to be and I’m looking forward of being part of the journey.”

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