Colin Byiers: What Peterhead FC mean to me

By Colin Byiers – @toon_blue host

What does a team mean to a fan?

For any football supporter who is asked, “what does your club mean to you?”, I, like most, do not really have a definitive answer. It is difficult to put into words exactly what “your club” means to you, but one thing that is certain is, it means a lot.

Supporting a club like Peterhead has been full of exciting times, where we have had the highest of highs, but suffered the lowest of lows too. It is not particularly glamourous, nor does it take us to glamourous destinations, but I still go back week after week, year after year.

So why do I, or any of us, continue to go back and part with our hard-earned money if it isn’t glamourous? Well, going every week and seeing the same familiar faces at the ground and behind the bar, does give you that little lift, especially if it has been one of those week’s atwork or at home. Just being around people who share your love for the club and talking about “our” team is invaluable. When people talk about mental well being and mental health, I really believe that this sense of belonging helps people through hard times. Sadly, for a good few, they will have been missing this during the pandemic.

Credit: Ken Fitlike / Balmoor Stadium / CC BY-SA 2.0

I go to Balmoor with my dad, and it is a bit cliqued, but going to football with your father is one of those rite of passage things that you only really appreciate when you are older. My dad worked offshore during the peak of the oil industry in the 1980’s and 90’s while I was growing up. It is only recently, since his retirement, that we have been going together and I have loved it. I savour and appreciate it more because we could not do it 25 years ago.

The community spirit you get from a club like Peterhead gives you a feeling that you are apart of something, not just because you put money into the kitty, but the things they do for you as an individual. You are not treated like a number. You feel like they appreciate your support no matter how big or small your contribution is.

Most of the time, the result in a way does not really matter. Yes, we want to see our team win, but being there with people you love and care about and those that you now consider football friends, makes it even more enjoyable, no matter the result.

So, what does a club like Peterhead mean to me? Well it means a great deal. It gives me a sense of belonging that, other than my family, I do not get anywhere else. I really do feel part of it. It means a lot to my dad that I’m there with him supporting a team he did when he was a young man in the 1970’s.

It is togetherness, it is community spirit, it is family. That is what my team means to me.

Over the years there have been several great players that have pulled on the blue shirt of Peterhead Football Club, so picking a best eleven was a difficult task. I have chosen mine eleven from players from the last 20 years since Peterhead joined the Scottish Football League.

Credit: Peterhead Football Club

My Eleven are.

Graeme Smith (GK)

Graeme Sharp (RB)

Steven Noble (LB)

Callum MacDonald (CB)

Mark Perry (CB)

Simon Ferry (MID)

Jamie Stevenson (MID)

Kevin Tindal (MID)

Rory McAllister (ST)

Iain Stewart (ST)

Martin Bavidge (ST)

Leaving out players like Martin Johnston, Scott Brown, Craig Tully, Greg Fleming, Kevin Tindaland David Donald was hard but shows that over the years Peterhead have been blessed with so really talented players.

Hopefully the next 20 years brings us even more talented players.

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