Tom Lang: Clyde, Rangers and future ambitions

By The Real Fitbaw – @FitbawReal

How does it feel to be back at Clyde after returning from Dunfermline? And was it an easy move to make from full-time in the Championship?

“It feels great as I knew it would be. I have a very good relationship with the players, staff & supporters. Obviously it wasn’t an easy decision to make as I was full time in the Championship and I could’ve easily stayed as my contract still had a year left on it but I knew for whatever reason that the manager wasn’t going to play me at Dunfermline so I wanted to go out and enjoy my football and showcase how hard I’ve worked over the time off & I felt Clyde was a great place to do so.”

You got off to the perfect start with a win over arguably one of the title favourites in Partick Thistle – what’s the targets for Clyde this season?

“It was a fantastic start for the team and a result which should really give us confidence going on into the season. I have high hopes for the season, but there’s no point jumping too far ahead of ourselves. Take every game as it comes and get the points on the board week in week out & the league table will take care of itself.”

Credit: Clyde FC

You come up against your old club (Dunfermline) in the Betfred Cup. How much are you looking forward to that? Would it have been better with fans in attendance?

“To be honest with you, I’m just looking forward to it like I look forward to every game I play in. It’s a game of football at the end of the day and it should be enjoyed no matter who you are playing. Of course though, fans make football special and without them is a big loss.”

You had a spell at Rangers follow a move to Scotland from Birmingham City before playing in the lower leagues – do you think the experience has helped you as a player?

Credit: Struway

I mean of course growing up at Birmingham City and moving to Rangers has helped definitely with my game of being a ball playing centre half and playing the right type of football but it definitely doesn’t prepare you for mens football until you’re thrown into the deep end and actually playing against men who are physically stronger & have experience of playing lots of games. That side just takes as much game time as soon as possible for a young lad.”

Credit: Brian Aitkenhead

At only 23 you’ve got a long career ahead of you. What’s the short and long term aims?

“Short term is to definitely have a successful season with Clyde, try and play every game and see where the season takes us. Long term of course is to get into the big leagues, whether that’s the Scottish Premiership or down in England playing. I believe in my ability a lot and will keep pushing myself to get to that level.”

David Goodwillie has played at the very top level and capped for Scotland. What is it like to have a player of that calibre in the team and how many times has he mentioned his goal against Spain?

Credit: Kafuffle / Bohemian FC

“Yeah Goodie is a top, top player. I love playing with him and although he’s played at the very top level his attitude towards playing for Clyde is superb and something I admire, he gives 100% every game. The goal against Spain gets talked about now and then but to be fair he wouldn’t be the one bringing it up.”

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