Graeme Jones: What qualification means for the staff of the Scotland National Team

By Graeme Jones – SFA Head of Elite Performance

What a fantastic moment.

In November 2017 I began working with the Scotland Men’s National team leading the performance support team. It’s been a privilege, and I suspect it will be some time before full appreciation of this moment will sink in.

Credit: Sky Sports

I wish to give a special mention to all the performance support team staff who have been involved in the journey with the team since 2017. 29 to be exact.

Each team member played their part in the improvement of how we support the players and coaches to the point it is at now.

Interestingly, I was asked today what size/percentage I believe my area plays in this success.
I laughed! It feels at times we need to quantify everything into numbers or percentages to signify importance. For once however, it doesn’t matter. Significant or not, we all played a part and how proud I am to have been able to.

So from me a thank you to the extended performance support team. Enjoy this moment, the lads did the country so proud.

Special thank you to Alex Troughton and Mark Leslie. TLRP lads!

Credit: Sky Sports

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