Willie Gibson: QOTS, Coaching and Playing at Old Trafford

Credit: Alasdair Middleton

By The Real Fitbaw – @FitbawReal

How is the atmosphere around Queen of the South with the new season just around the corner?

“Think it’s just the excitement to get back playing again after so long off with COVID-19. There’s obviously some question marks over fans being allowed in or not and what it would be like with no fans. But everyone looking forward to it and hopefully it can be a successful season.”

You are the reserve team manager – how have you found the transition from playing to being on the sidelines?

Credit: DNG24.co.uk

“Although I’m reserve manager I’m still playing myself. Just recently I’ve signed with QOS where I’ll hopefully combine playing with managing the reserves. I’ve took to it quite well, I’ve got my own coaching academy so used to that side of the game as well.”

Are there any bright prospects coming through the system at QOS that we should keep eyes on this season and beyond?

“There is a couple of lads in the set up the now that are showing promise. They’ve trained with the first team to get a little taste of it and to see the levels they need to get to. Hopefully in 6 months time they will be in a position to try and push for a squad place with the first team.”

You are currently studying for your Uefa A licence – what is the ultimate dream job and is there any others on your course you are able to pick up hints and tips from to take back to the training field?

“The A licence has been very good, always looking at improving as a coaching and learning new material and ways of coaching. There’s a lot on the course and a lot from likes of Portugal and America and Spain so it’s good to see the way they approach things and the best parts the tutors (Brian Rice, Jack Ross, Robbie Neilson) to name a few. Always going to learn something from these guys who have had a great playing career and management.”

You got to experience playing Manchester United at Old Trafford against the likes of Wayne Rooney and Michael Carrick – how was that moment and is it up there with your career highlights?

Credit; Gordon Flood

“Will always be the best day of my career. As a big Man Utd fan it was always a dream to play at Old Trafford. To play against your heroes and meet them after etc was an unreal experience. Something special to always look back on.”

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