Diego Maradona: An icon. A global phenomenon. Gone far too soon.

Credit: El Gráfico / Law 11.723, Article 34

The football world is in mourning this evening. Diego Maradona has passed away at the age of 60.

Arguably, the greatest ever player in history.

Here are some of the most poignant tributes to a truly global icon.

Credit: Rob Bogaerts / Anefo / 932-7346

Cesar Luis Menotti, the manager who guided Argentina and Maradona to the World Cup in 1978: “I’m devastated. I can’t believe it. I’m absolutely gutted. There’s no more I can say at this moment.”

“I thought at first the news of his death was fake news but obviously it’s what happened. It’s terrible and a tragic surprise because measures had been taken to make sure he was being looked after.”

Credit: Atr1992

Pele: “Certainly one day we’ll kick a ball together in the sky above.”

Credit: Rob Bogaerts / Anefo / 934-2662

Gary Lineker: “By some distance the best player of my generation and arguably the greatest of all time.”

“After a blessed but troubled life, hopefully he’ll finally find some comfort in the hands of God.”

Credit: El Gráfico / Law 11.723, Article 34

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