Kieran Maguire: Tottenham’s finances

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Spurs go from an £87m profit before tax to a loss of £68m. Further evidence that the Premier League does not have the resources to bail out all of the rest of the football pyramid.

Spurs had the highest profit before tax in the Premier League in 2019/20 of £87m. They are only the 3rd club to publish results for last season (may be a good idea for others to do so) but losses biggest of those clubs reporting to date by a long way.

Match day income

Spurs matchday income curtailed by Covid-19. Would have exceeded £100m had it not been for lockdown. Benefits of new stadium very clear as have leapfrogged Manchester United in having highest matchday (Arsenal will drop once they publish their results, present figures for 18/19.

Broadcast income

Spurs took a major hit in broadcast income due to poor UEFA returns in 2019/20 coupled with rebate to PL broadcasters and some matches being played after financial year end of 30 June 2020. Still more than MUFC though for 19/20.

Commercial income

Spurs commercial income up 19% despite Covid. Shows the positive impact that new stadium has on relationships with sponsors/partners. Big gap now between Spurs and Arsenal.


Long term creditors, which are mainly loans but will also contain some transfer fees, up to £981,000,000


Spurs wage bill only up 1.5% to £181m total. Most player packages highly incentivised towards Champions League progress and qualification which explains modest movement. Expect wages at many other clubs to fall for 2019/20, MUFC’s were down £48m.

Player trading

Spurs player trading as erratic as ever. Player purchases up from £22m to £136m and sales down from £22m to £20m

Looks as if many of the player signed by Spurs have been on credit/instalment deals as money owing to other clubs for transfers up from £88m to £149m

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