5 managers to salvage Sunderland

Credit: The JPS

Sam Allardyce

Credit: Brian Minkoff-London Pixels

Big Sam is loved by the Sunderland fans. He had them as a hard side to beat in his spell in charge at the club in the Premier League. It even led him to the England national team job.

We all know how that ended but with the love from the fans at the Stadium of Light does Sam fancy the chance to become a true Sunderland legend by backing himself to lead the club back to the Premier League as part of a longer term project? Only he will know the answer to that one.

Nigel Pearson

Credit: Whassuo

Sunderland fans believe they need a big personality to galvanise the club. Nigel Pearson would be that man. A manager who doesn’t take any prisoners would command respect from day one. He might even bring legendary striker Kevin Phillips with him.

Kevin Phillips

Credit: Æthelred

If Pearson doesn’t fancy the opportunity, could it be time for Super Kev to be given his first managerial job at the club who adore him?

He may be I experienced but he gets the club and would undoubtedly galvanise the fan base.

Danny Cowley

Credit: EFL

Proven at league one level and a manager who is very well respected. He transformed Lincoln from a conference side to a league one side playing good football. He would relish the chance to rejuvenate Sunderland following a strangely timed dismissal by Huddersfield.

For me this one would be a no brainer and a realistic option.

Ryan Lowe

Credit: Ingy The Wingy / P7106988

A wildcard. Ryan Lowe has achieved promotion with both Bury and Plymouth. A progressive coach who wouldn’t be overawed by Sunderland. It may come too early for him this time but he is a coach destined for big things.

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