Gutless Celtic in crisis and in need of a miracle

It’s not even Christmas but Celtic already trail Rangers by 13 points in what was supposed to be a relentless quest for 10 league titles in a row.

Current form and the atmosphere around the club from top to bottom makes that quest seem improbable and feeling impossible.

The fans are disconnected from the club with bamboozlement around the clubs strategy on and off the park, communication and a lack of decisiveness when it matters.

The players look lost and devoid of ideas and the management team look increasingly defeated and preach in hope, hard to believe, that current form can be overturned.

Credit: SPFL

Peter Lawwell has long said that Celtic’s main priority was to make history in Scottish football this season. Only 6 months ago he was full of praise for his manager and his players by stating that: “Under Neil’s guidance, we have produced performances of the highest quality. We have produced exciting, attacking, winning football. We have played the Celtic way and won the Celtic way.”

Six months on from that statement, the pack of cards has well and truly caved in and Celtic have produced nothing but performances of the inconsistent quality with next to no exciting football on show. Furthermore, there is not even a brand of winning football on show when you consider that the club has one only 2 games out of 12.

Celtic are a club in crisis and a club that look battle weary, beaten down and almost out.

What happens next? Your guess is as good as mine.

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