Quickfire with Matt Derbyshire

Favourite goal

In the 2-1 win over AEK at the GSP

I was hoping you would say the 2 goals against Anorthosis.

I forgot about them…Yes, they were alright. The one that stands out is the AEK one because of the period we were in.


Too many. I put my left shin pad on before my right shin pad. I walk around the pitch before every match. I walk from one goal mouth to the other. I eat the same meal. I have too many. I jump on my left foot before my right foot.

Funniest person in Omonoia’s squad

Tomas (Hubocan). In my last month I was so happy he was my room mate. I could really get to know him properly and he’s one of the funniest guys I’ve come across. He’s hilarious, a fantastic guy and a great career.

Worse dress sense?

Honestly? Luftner! Horrendous. His tshirts are 5 times too small for him.

Favourite Cypriot meal?

Sheftalia, Halloumi and Pitta

Someone asked Souvlakia or Souvla

I’d probably go for souvla

Most memorable moment

Probably going to the offices and signing my release clause. I know it sounds terrible but it was like “s**t, I’m actually leaving the club” and then doing the interview which was really, really hard to keep a dry eye….It was such a family place. I always try to look after people that others don’t think matter, like the kit men or people in and around the club.

This is from a mystery person. How was your left foot last year in Rondos, 5 vs 2?

That’s definitely Michael (Luftner) or Jan (Lecjaks).

Your first answer is correct.

It was as good as his clothes.

Michael also asks how you feel about the relationship in and around the squad last season.

It was great. As soon as I walked into the room, Michael would always want to be next to me, make me a coffee every day, he brought me a ham and cheese sandwich every day…It was great. Him and the rest of the team, it was fantastic. We were like brothers. I’ll always look back with fond memories of these guys and I’m sure I’ll keep in contact with them.

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