Help Wolves medical staff spread Christmas cheer and raise money for ‘Cure Leukaemia’

Since 2017 Wolverhampton Wanderers have been gripped with a battle against Leukaemia, when Carl Ikime was diagnosed with Leukaemia Wolves fans, players and staff have been doing what they can to help raise awareness of the disease and raise money for the brilliant charities that fight alongside them. Despite Carl being Leukaemia free for over a year now the fight has not stopped and this Christmas the work continues as I found out from Danny Fiskwick, a Sports rehabilitator for the clubs first team. 

What is the campaign that you and the team have put together?

“So, what we did last year, every day through December myself and three others ran 10km every day to raise money for cure leukaemia. It’s a charity that is very close to Wolves obviously with Carl Ikeme, he suffered from it but luckily, he is all clear and has been all clear for around a year now, so that is great news, but we still try to raise money so this year rather than running. We have some signed merch which some of the lads have given to us. Shirts, Boots ect So today we have Nuno’s (Espirito Santo) Cap, and he has signed that for us. Weird and wonderful things that are unique and hopefully raise a lot of money through raffles and auctions. We started on the 12th and we are are going every day to the 24th so there is still a lot of time left.”

Last year the department raised upwards of £11,000 for the Cure Leukaemia Campaign by running 10k everyday throughout December. How much time and effort are you guys putting in for this cause ?

“We put in as much as we can, obviously it is really difficult at the moment, it’s really busy especially being in a football team around Christmas, there is a lot of other jobs where you are starting to settle down around Christmas, but we get busy. It’s difficult but we will put in as much time as we can. Last year was really difficult because we had to fit in a 10km run every day and that raised £11,000. So this year hopefully we can do as much as possible whilst raising as much as possible.” 

This is something that is very close to the team at Wolves with the main reasoning for this being following ex-Wolves keeper Carl Ikeme’s own battle with the disease. How important is this cause to the team there?

Credit: Æthelred

I think it’s great because it’s not just for Wolves it’s for everyone. A load of people are doing a lot of different things, there’s people doing bike rides and all sorts but being at Wolves helps because you get that exposure that not many people are able to get. And with Wolves there are hundreds of thousands of fans everywhere who we are able to show what we are doing. To be honest it is just a brilliant way of exposing the charity itself.” 

Since 2017, Wolves fans and the team have raised upwards of 165,000 for cure Leukaemia so is this fundraising from the medical staff going to be a yearly thing?

“I would like to think so, with last year, we decided very last minute that we wanted to do something, and if we are being honest if we had planned it we probably wouldn’t have agreed to run because it was a lot of hard work. But it was worthwhile, in the end with how much we raised. This year we based what we were doing on the fact that one of the guys last year couldn’t do the run so he would collect programmes and get people to sign them, so we decided what if we collect stuff? So, we started to build some things up and the lads in the team heard about what we were doing, and they started offering things up to us. But if we could make this a yearly thing it would be great for us when thinking about what Carl went through but also great for the charity because they get that exposure.” 

Finally, obviously the 12 days of Christmas has started and began on Saturday, what is the goal of the campaign and how can people get involved?

The goal of the campaign isn’t really set, we just want to raise as much money as we possibly can. As I say the people who can’t and it is a tough time for everyone, so if you can’t donate then please share what we are doing on social media to spread as much awareness as possible, we want to get the name of Cure Leukaemia out there. The way to get involved is to go to our twitter @WolvesSportMed, Football CFB have been retweeting everything, very kindly for us. There will be daily raffles and auctions for some random memorabilia that is all very unique; today is a signed Pedro Neto programme & Nuno Cap so all brilliant stuff like that. So, go through the page and you can also see our stuff through Instagram.”

If you want to help Wolves medical staff raise some money for their 12 days of Christmas campaign then find all their daily random auctions and raffles on their twitter account: @WolvesSportMed

It really is for a fantastic cause and the time that the Medical staff are putting towards it despite how busy they are, is really fantastic so if you can’t donate, enter a raffle or bid on an item then please go and share what they are doing to help grow the cause and spread awareness. 

Thanks for reading and please get involved!

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