Kieran Maguire: The financial health of the SPFL


SPFL income down £5m in 2019/20 mainly due to lower TV revenues as a result of Covid-19. BT took a rebate whereas Sky paid in full prior to exclusivity from 2020/21.

Money paid to clubs

Money paid to SPFL clubs (including parachute payments) down £4.4m on back of fall in revenues. Overheads up as insurance and legal costs greater than the fall in wages.

Money in the bank

SPFL had over £2m in bank at end of 2019/20 but plenty of uses for it.

The SPFL wage bill

SPFL wage bill for all staff £1.2 million in 2019/20. This compares to £24.3m in Premier League and £5.7m in EFL in 2019. Highest paid director had £50k reduction. SPFL only has 17 staff.

Relationship with broadcasting partners

Sky have agreed a lower fee for 2020/21 with SPFL as price for allowing clubs to stream matches direct to fans.

SPFL viewing figures for both Sky and BT Sport increased in 2019/20. Matchday attendances before Covid lockdown broadly constant.

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