David Hodgson: Not signing for Jim McLean and Dundee United is a regret

Credit: LFC History

What a character. A genius of a football manager.

I turned Jim and Dundee United down in 1987 to sign for Xerez in Spain.

Credit: Verdugol

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I am sure that I made a mistake. My mind in all honesty was debating… Spain or Dundee, Spain or Dundee.

In the end sunny Spain was my destination.

Credit: Pexels

Despite not signing for him, I went on to have a great relationship with him when I became an agent.

I did a lot of deals with him and he was always 100% upfront and honest. To sum the man up when he gave his word he never went back on it. A gentleman and an icon who will never be forgotten. RIP Mr McLean.

Credit: Dundee United

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