Stevie Nicol: Gerrard on course to stop 10 in a row

Credit: Trinity Mirror Sport Media

I spoke to Stevie Nicol earlier this year and asked him the following question.

Given Celtic’s dominance in recent years can Steven Gerrard and Rangers stop 10 in a row?

Credit: Эдгар Брещанов / soccer RU

Well if I’m honest it’s down to recruitment. If he gets it the way he wants it I back him. He has a really strong personality and a real winning mentality.

If the club back him as he wants then it’s only a matter of time before Rangers claim another league title. With backing he will absolutely get them back to the top of the pile again.

However Callum, there isn’t a man or woman alive today who would get one of your club’s Morton to the top of the Premier League. The person hasn’t been born yet.

Humorous as always from Stevie who is a legend of Scottish football and was a boyhood Rangers fan. At the half way stage of the season in Scotland, it has to be said that Gerrard’s recruitment has been impressive and Stevie’s statement that Gerrard will return Rangers to the top of the tree looks more and more accurate with each passing match day.

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