Christie Murray: Shelley Kerr, Karen Carney and the bravery of Jen Beattie

Your Scotland teammate Jen Beattie recently spoke about her battle with breast cancer. As a national team, do you all come together in a tough moment like that?

Credit: Alasdair Middleton

Jen was so brave to speak about her battle as it’s so raw. Her message is so important because she’s encouraging other woman to go and get checked if they have any lumps or issues or a feeling that isn’t normal to them.

It’s incredibly brave of her and for her to return to the international set up so quickly shows the incredible character that she is and just how determined and strong she is too.

Arsenal and Jenny’s team mates have been very supportive during such a difficult time which was great to hear, especially during a time where she wasn’t able to be around family. The football community has also got behind Jenny and sent so many heartwarming messages of support which was amazing to see.

Shelley Kerr has left her role as the Scotland national team manager. How do you reflect on your time working with her?

Credit: hallison97photo

Shelley has pushed on women’s football in Scotland massively and I am gutted that she’s leaving but I wish her every success for the future.

She took our national to the World Cup for the first time which was an amazing experience and will be her legacy as our coach.

What is your view on the level of criticism that Karen Carney received recently from the perspective of a female footballer?

Credit: Marek69

It’s appalling. Karen like all pundits is paid to give an opinion and that’s what she did. Jake Humphrey summed it up well by stating that like all pundits Karen is on television to give an opinion and whether you agree with her or not, there is no excuse for abusing someone on social media and directing hate towards them.

It’s not what football is about. It’s disgusting and really disappoints me. She is a decorated footballer who has played at the highest level in world cups and won all that there is to win within the English game. She knows the game and is well educated on the subject of football.

This situation must be addressed as behind a social media profile is a person and it’s hurtful.

Do you have any New Years resolutions for 2021?

To continue reading. I float in and out of reading but for Christmas I got a number of books and I want to read as much as I can to learn new things in the year ahead.

As well as that, I also want to play as well as I can for club and country because I just love playing football.

Credit: Pexels

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