Sven Göran Eriksson: Lazio title win was magical

Credit: Doha Stadium Plus Qatar

You won the Serie A title with Lazio in 2000. Their fans are very passionate. What was it like when the title was sealed?

It was magical and crazy. It got crazy with happiness in the stadium. People were crying everywhere. Fans and players alike. Even the owner was crying. Incredible is the best word I have to describe it.

To sum it up, after the game, I tried to go home in my Volvo.

Credit: Pexels

I couldn’t go home as people recognised me and sat on the car to celebrate with me. In the end the police had to take my car away for me and take me home in their car.

Credit: Gaspo87

Since Sven’s title success almost 21 years ago, the club haven’t reached the summit of the Italian game again. Below is their record throughout their history.

Credit: TThaarup

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