Interview with Adam Vezer

Photograph courtesy of Pexels

Former Omonoia Nicosia goalkeeper Adam Vezer kindly took time out from his schedule as Budapest Honved goalkeeping coach to answer some questions about his time in Cyprus.

Before your transfer to Omonoia, you spent a season at Anagennisi Derynias. Having played for bigger clubs such as Honved and Maccabi Tel Aviv, what attracted you to Anagennisi Derynias?

I wanted to show what I could do in the Cyprus league and hoped to get an offer from a bigger club.

When did you know of Omonoia’s interest in signing you and what did you think of the set up of the club when the move was finalised?

After few successful matches, Omonoia made me an offer. I knew that once I signed, I’d be part of one of the most popular and successful clubs on the Island.

With club legend Andros Charitou leaving the club, did you feel under any pressure to be his long term replacement?

Andeas is a good man, an experienced goalkeeper, and good goalkeeping coach. I liked to working with him. I didn’t feel I had to replace him.

Omonoia had a mixture of Cypriot and foreign players. What was the atmosphere like at the club throughout your first season?

The relationship between the players was good, which is why we won the cup. I liked being part of the team.

Anorthosis won the title in your debut season at the club as Omonoia finished 3rd. However, you were part of the Cypriot cup winning squad. While you didn’t feature in the final, what do you remember about the occasion and the atmosphere during and after the match?

The atmosphere was awesome during the game, downtown and the party as well. To celebrate with supporters downtown was unforgettable for me.

What was your relationship like with Henk Houwaart and do you think he should have stayed at the club longer than he did?

I didn’t have a close relationship with him.

You experienced many managerial and player changes during your time at the club. Which players really stood out and what made them so special?

Kostas Kaiafas is legend at Omonoia. On the field he was always passionate and respects the club a lot.

Omonoia came close to winning the title in 05-06, missing out by 1 point. Did the players take much comfort knowing the championship was won by an Apollon team that seemed unstoppable?

It was painful to lose the title, but Apollonas was really good in that year.

How would you describe the Omonoia-APOEL rivalry?

The derby in every country is something special. Winning gives an uplifting feeling. Losing, well, is very bad. It’s always sad to see face of supporters after a defeat, especially against APOEL.

Apologies for bringing this up but can you tell us what it was like for you after the 3-1 loss against APOEL? Fans in Cyprus have high expectations – especially before a derby. Did APOEL’s third goal affect you in any way?

The goalkeeper is heavily criticised after every goal they concede – it’s like they die a little. I did too. 

Staying on the subject of supporters, what was your overall feeling about the Omonoia fans?

Omonoia has the biggest fan base on the island. It was nice to play in front of them (Thyra 9)

Was it difficult to enjoy your career at the club with all the different managerial changes and were you aware of any issues at boardroom level?

My job was to keep the ball away from the goal, not think about the bosses job.

Adam Lang has had an incredible 18 months at Omonoia. Have you noticed a change in his ability since his arrival?

Adam is an intelligent central defender. A regular starter for the national team. Of course, he has improved at Omonoia. 

Do you have a message for the Omonoia fans reading this interview?

Laos ole, Trifiliara ole prasine thee……Something that. Is that right? (laughs)

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