Gordon Moffat: Clydebank, East Stirlingshire and managerial goals

You are currently manager of Clydebank FC. How are you enjoying managing the club and what would you describe as the challenges of managing a club such as Clydebank FC?

For me personally managing the club is quite a big deal because I am an ex player and I had three great seasons at the club and I would have liked to have stayed longer as a player. Through what happens in football that never happened. I have got a really good connection with the club, the supporters and obviously with the club being fan owned the supporters are really in control of the club as well.

So when the chance came up to manage Clydebank FC it was something that I could never really turn down and if I am honest when I first got into coaching it was always an aim to get a shot of getting the Clydebank FC job at some point and the opportunity came a bit quicker than expected. I was only two seasons into football management as well as being an assistant before that at other clubs.

Credit: Clydebank Football Club

You played two seasons for East Stirlingshire. How do you look back on your time at the club and do you have any particular highlights or special memories?

Credit: East Stirlingshire Football Club

Yes, I think my time at East Stirlingshire in particular was during a key point in their recent history. The new owners had not long got involved and at the time I was playing for Albion Rovers and I had played particularly well against The Shire in one of the league games the season before and they approached me the summer about coming to East Stirlingshire.

With new owners there was a great buzz about the club and we signed some really good players from higher levels and the following season with Jim McInally we went onto sign players from the current Scottish Championship level which included top players that had also been full time players and we had a cracking team and the buzz around the club during those two seasons was really high and we even had Sky Sports at the ground a couple of times because we went on quite a big unbeaten run and we had some big Scottish Cup games playing Rangers FC at Ibrox Stadium and it was an unbelievable time to be at East Stirlingshire and I really enjoyed my two seasons there.

You played six seasons for Annan Athletic earlier on in your career and do you have any particular special highlights or memories?

Credit: Annan Athletic

Yes, My time at Annan Athletic was great. I enjoyed my six seasons at the club and it really came about when the reserve system when I was at Queen of the South was shelved and it left me in a position where I was an 18 year old and I was basically going to be in a pool with 30 plus players as the reserve team players were put in the first team pool.

I was offered another year at Queen of the South and I just felt that I really wanted to play. Annan Athletic fitted the bill and when I arrived at the club I was playing two games every weekend for the reserves on a Saturday and then for the under 18’s on a Sunday and I quickly got moved into the first team alongside my best friennd Gary McMenamin who is now my assistant at Clydebank FC.

When I look back the two of us got moved into the first team at the ages of 17 and 18 respectively and I stayed in the first team for six seasons and we had some really good teams over the years and it is different to how things are now in that when I played for Annan Athletic they were in the East of Scotland league and there was a lot of local boys who were the cream of the crop from the local area.

We had some cracking sides through my years at Annan Athletic. I would have liked to have had a shot a winning a few more trophies but I was lucky enough to win a few and Annan Atheltic is another club that is still really close to me and I hold fond memories of my time there.

You played under some good managers during your career. Before you entered into football management did you speak to any managers in particular and did you receive any advice or encouragement before embarking on your own managerial career?

When I retired from playing I had an eye socket injury so I retired quite early at 32 years of age and I think it was always in my head that I was going to go into football management even before the injury it was just a matter of when. I was lucky enough to play under some pretty good managers in my time.

Credit: Show Racism The Red Card

I would not say that I phoned a particular manager up but I took advice from time went on. The two managers that I took the most bits of information from were Davie Irons who was my manager at Annan Athletic and he also had a great playing career and also Jim McInally in the time when I was at East Stirlingshire because he came from a really high level. I wanted to go and put my own stamp on things and as time went on I spoke to other people that I had worked with. Paul Ronald was a good coach and Rob Roy also gave me good advice and I enjoyed working with him.

Finally Gordon, You are still a very young manager. Is there anything in particular that you would ideally like to achieve in your managerial career in future?

Yes, Like any manager and certainly how I was as a player you want to get to the highest level that you possibly can and I think that is the same for most people. In an ideal world situation I would like to achieve that with Clydebank FC and given the history and what has happened to the club and the fact that we are now back in the Scottish pyramid system and that we have good the opportunity to climb through the leagues and I would like to be around the club for a long time and achieve league football.

We will need to see where that goes. We have got some work to do to get our SFA license and the team also needs to continue our good progression on the pitch. But yeah, on a personal note I just want to go on to manage at the highest possible level that I can.

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