Ben Dooley: My ambition is to become a professional footballer for Preston

Photographs courtesy of Ben Dooley unless stated.

You are a second year scholar at Preston North End who is progressing well. How were you spotted by the club?

I was at Blackburn Rovers academy prior to arriving at Preston. I’ve always played the game at school level and district level too. At the age of 16, Preston contacted me and asked me to train with the youth team. Very quickly after that I was given a scholarship at the club which meant a lot to me.

What does the scholarship programme entail for you and the players at Preston on a daily basis?

Before the pandemic started we’d normally be training for a full day each day from 10am until 4pm. It consists of two session each lasting two hours with lunch in between. However, due to the pandemic that’s been halved to being in for half a day to comply with social distancing measures and the Covid protocols within football.

You are a midfielder and you’ve played regularly for the under 18 side so far. How would you describe yourself as a player in terms of style?

I would describe myself as a ball winning midfielder who battles to win possession and get on the ball for my team. I am a very determined player and I make sure that I leave everything out there on the pitch. I am always ready to give my all for my teammates and my club.

Are there any midfielders who you look up to within English football at this moment in time?

Being from Liverpool and following Everton as a kid, I would have to say Allan. I love how he dictates play from deep in midfield by keeping things simple and being aggressive when he has to be.

He’s been a success in foreign leagues and has replicated that in the a Premier League which shows you just how good he is. I learn from him every time I watch him play.

Credit: Everton Football Club

Which coaches in your journey so far have helped you develop and grow as a footballer?

I have to thank every single coach I’ve had so far. Every member of staff at Blackburn Rovers and Preston North End have helped me massively.

At Preston, I’ve developed so much over the year by learning from the coaches we have at the club.

Last but not least, as an up and coming footballer, what would your aim be over the next few years?

My main aim is to keep pushing myself as hard as I can. The main way I can do that is to work harder than everyone else day in day out to show what I can do and to keep developing.

I want to earn a professional contact because I absolutely love football and it’s been my life since I was a young kid. My main priority is to earn a professional contract and ensure that I can continue to show my talent for years to come. I fully understand that’s all down to me and my work ethic and I do my upmost every single day to achieve my goals.

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