Steve Evans: Sir Alex, Crawley and Ernie Els

Credit: Teamess10

I took my Crawley side to Old Trafford to play Sir Alex and his superstars. I was most worried about which bottle of red wine to buy Sir Alex if I’m honest.

Credit: Pexels

Well, after the game, little Albert the kit man at United knocked on the dressing room door and said the gaffer is ready for you. Oh, and Steve could you go in on your own and then your staff can come in after 10/15 minutes.

Credit: Steve Collis from Melbourne, Australia

My staff were okay with that thankfully. I went in to see him with a box of wine. Sir Alex opens it, looks at it and starts laughing away. He says I’ve got a letter for you from Ernie Els the golfer. Do you know Ernie?

Credit: Attribution: Anthony22 at the English language Wikipedia

Of course I know who Ernie Els is as he is one of the best golfers in the world but I don’t know him personally.

Sir Alex then tells me that he was with Ernie during the week and talked about the game. The letter from Ernie explained that the wine that I would be drinking had come from his vineyard and that following the match a crate would be sent to my home address and that he wished myself and the club all the best for the future.

That summed up Sir Alex. A truly special man. Managers usually spend 30 minutes maximum after a game but he spent over two hours with my staff and I.

He even asked me to invite my family in as they are from Glasgow. He treated everyone with the upmost respect.

Credit: Andrea Sartorati

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