Matthew Knox: Loving life at Warrenpoint Town

Credit: Warrenpoint Town Football Club

This summer you signed for Warrenpoint Town in Northern Ireland. How excited were you for a fresh start away from Scottish football given the endless hype that has followed you for many years?

To be honest, I did not have a clue about coming over here for most of the summer. It all came about so fast. I honestly didn’t have any notion whatsoever that I was coming.

I got a phone call and I remember sitting in my room. alone watching the telly and I got a phone call. I was told there’s a team in Northern Ireland that are interested.

Then I asked, who is it? My agent said Warrenpoint and I’ll be honest I didn’t know who they were as I had never followed Northern Irish football closely.

I looked them up and had a feeling that the move would be a good one as I liked the idea of a change of scenery and having a brand new start. Moving away from home also gives you a chance to be on your own and fend for yourself rather than staying in your comfort comfort zone.

That made me relish the opportunity and I took it. It’s been a great decision as I’m over here for the year and so far loving every minute.

The manager of Warrenpoint, Barry Gray is synonymous with Northern Irish football. What’s he like as a manager?

He is brilliant. He has created a really good atmosphere and the group is 100% together. Everyone is supportive and drives each other on in every training session and in games which is shown at the moment because we’ve been winning games and playing well.

It really is a great, a great group of boys that have helped me fall in love with football again and the manager has played a massive part in that.

You’re a striker so obviously love scoring goals. Talk me through your goal against Portadown.

We were losing 1-0 at halftime and when we came in, everyone was determined. We knew we’d played well most of the first half and the gaffer told us to keep faith and keep plugging away as we would definitely get something from the game.

The ball broke to me just outside the box and I turned and tried to hit the ball cleanly. It wasn’t my best strike and their goalkeeper helped me out a bit but they all count and it was a great feeling.

Given your journey so far, how much did that goal mean to you?

It does mean a lot because it gets me off the mark for the season and obviously scoring early in the season is always a good thing. Obviously during the game I never thought too much about it because we were in the middle of the game but after it I sat down and thought okay, at least I’m off the mark now.

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