Ally McCoist: Much more than a pundit & the funny man of football

“Ally McCoist celebrates” by billy kerr is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A few months ago on CFB, I interviewed former Rangers and Dundee United player Jon Daly. Tune in here –

In the course of our wide-ranging discussion, Jon speaks emotionally of the personal touch Ally McCoist showed towards his dad, who was in the later stages of cancer when he first arrived at Rangers from Dundee United.

His story begins when his family flew over to Glasgow to see him score his first goal for the club – one of four on the day – in an 8-0 Ibrox win against Stenhousemuir in September 2013.

Daly: “My dad was in the later stages of cancer, he was in a bad way.

“I remember saying to Ally that my dad was coming to the game and he said ‘make sure you bring him down to see me’.

You kind of think yeah yeah, don’t expect anything, he is just saying that.

“But I remember the game had just finished and he said make sure you bring your family down.

I was like ‘alright’ and brought them down and they were over the moon to meet Ally McCoist.

“The way he was with them, the way he dealt with them, they are the little details that probably get overlooked with Ally.

He is just a fantastic human being and that will stay with me forever.

“In the last weeks of my dad’s life he made him feel like the King of Ibrox.

He brought him down, gave him the grand tour, wheeled him around on his wheelchair, took him around the pitch.

“He talked about that for the last few weeks of his life, and that is something again that I will never take away.

Even when my dad sadly did pass away, we went home for the funeral and Ally got a flight out to the funeral that morning, and then flew back without even letting me know he was there.

“It was only afterwards that people in the church were saying ‘Ally McCoist was here’.

“I rang him and said thanks. That just shows the mark of the man and what he was like as a person. A joy to play for.”

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