Joey Barton: Life at Burnley and Sean Dyche

“File:Sean Dyche.jpg” by Kelvin Stuttard is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Callum McFadden interviewed Joey Barton exclusively for football CFB.

“Burnley had just been relegated with us (QPR) and I had always liked from a distance and how they did it,”

“There was a very socialist ethos to their club, the team and his (Dyche’s) managerial style which I felt would work with me.

I spoke to Burnley and was due to go and meet Dychey and then West Ham came in who were in the Europa League.”

Barton had a house in London which he and his partner had worked hard to renovate and the pull of staying in the capital prompted the midfielder to agree terms with the Hammers. 

“My missus wanted to live in London. West Ham came in and I thought great because I could commute.”

“Then the fans kicked up a fuss after I had done a medical and agreed everything. They were saying I wasn’t the kind of person they wanted to sign and I think the club got cold feet and pulled the deal.”

Credit: Paul S

“I met Burnley two days later and went to Sean Dyche’s house in Northampton and I just thought this fella is proper.”

“I just wanted to enjoy my footy, play in a boss team with a good set of lads who just want to have a go. “

“QPR had affected me and I wanted to be part of a group that was growing in the same direction on and off the pitch.”

“Dychey promised me that and he asked for certain things from me and I said I could deliver them no problem and we shook hands.”

Dyche famously cooked Barton an omelette while the two talked football and Barton, like so many other Burnley players past and present, speaks highly of the Turf Moor boss.

“14 Merci Arsène – Sean Dyche & The Arsenal bench”by Ronnie Macdonald is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“It is one of the few meetings I have ever had with a football manager that not only has he delivered on his word but he has gone above and beyond it,” added Barton.

“That is the reason it worked out for me there. 

“We are still great friends to this day.”


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