Kieran Maguire: Motherwell’s finances

Good to see fan controlled Motherwell publish full accounts. income up 8% in 2019/20 to £4.9m reflecting a 3rd place finish & punching above its weight financially despite Covid impact. Furlough grants £293k.

Motherwell wages 85p for every poond of revenue, which is high but Covid does not help. Needs to sell players to help cover overheads…

Motherwell consistently sell players at a profit, with another £1m in 2019/20, mainly from sale of James Scott to Hull. David Turnbull sale in 2020/21 worth more than £4m

Player sales helped turn a loss into a profit, shows Motherwell as a sustainable club.

Motherwell’s approach and some generosity from lenders has allowed the club to reduce borrowings on a regular basis, with the Well Society, the fan owned group, lending to the club at 0%

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