Matthew Knox: Training at United alongside Marcus Rashford

Credit: Warrenpoint football club.

In terms of the training, what was the standard like down there at United? Did you train alongside any players that are in the first team now?

I remember training with under 18 teams and all the players I trained with were superb.

Credit: Ardfern

I remember one day the coach said ‘Marcus is coming down today, so it should be a good test for the defenders. And at the time, obviously, I never knew who Marcus was, but looking back now it was obviously Marcus Rashford.

Obviously, at the time, he wasn’t a playing with the first team, he was a good prospect with the youth. He was the one that went on to be to play with the first team and also Scott McTominay, as well, he was in my team, the team that I trained with.

Credit: Ardfern

What were the differences when training at United compared to Livi?

The difference was quite a lot to be fair. The technical side of it all was unbelievable. Everything we did was worked around the ball. I had never really done that before because obviously playing with the first team then you don’t really work on your technical ability an awful lot as you are preparing them for the match on the Saturday. So in that sense it was a lot different but I also loved training at Livi and my time there as a whole.

Credit: Livingston Football Club

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