Alan Mahood: Out With The Old? That’ll Be Right!

Out With The Old? That’ll Be Right!

When you’re the new guy in the dressing room you have to prove you’re good enough to get a place in the team. When a new signing comes in, you’re job is to keep them out! You don’t dislike the guy. You might have had a run in with him in the past. You shake his hand,welcome him to the club and wish them all the best. You’re both fighting for the same cause now. You just have to make sure if he’s in the team he’s playing beside you, not instead of.

The managers signed him for a reason. He must rate him. He’s not signed him to sit on the bench not earning his keep. Is this my time up? Will I get my coat now?

Credit: Pexels

Then you see them in training. Hes a bit tasty, the boy can play. Time to get the finger out wee man and up your game. It can work in 2 ways. You can let it get in your head and affect you. Or, on the other hand you rise to the challenge and prove your worth to the team. You let the manager know you aren’t going anywhere and if he wants you out the starting line up he’s going to have a hard time dropping you.

It’s hard for any manager trying to pick 11 players each game, having to leave boys out that will be getting restless, training hard all week to sit it out yet again. But I’m sure they would rather that problem than struggling to field a strong enough team each weekend to keep them in their job.

Credit: Pexels

Then you ‘ve got the other lot to deal with. The young guns doing well for the Reserves on a weekly basis. The boy that you once were, with aspirations of a place in the 1st team, your place. You’ve heard their name getting mentioned, seen them in training. Manager likes him, always gives boys a chance, age not an issue. They can run, cover the grass, get about quicker than you. What if the manager wants to go down that route?

Credit: Pexels

Surely he needs experience to help the boys through games? Thats what he’ll do. Keep me in to look after them. Hopefully. Maybe go chap his door just to see if thats what he’s thinking? Or if not then plant the seed at least? I wasn’t really one for chapping the manager’s door.

Don’t get me wrong if I felt strongly enough about something, I’d say to him but there were boys in the dressing room that had a season ticket for his office, never out it, moaning about something or other.

Credit: Pexels

The bottom line is the manager builds a squad he thinks is capable of making a decent challenge in the league and hopefully get a wee cup run going. It’s up to you to make his mind up you’re a starter, at least give him a selection problem. Players come and go at every club,that’s football, but while you’re at a club, no matter who else is there, you’re main objective is to get in the team. Once you’re in,you make it as hard as possible for anybody to shift you. Be it manager or fellow player. Then in walks another new signing, challenge accepted. Again…

Credit: Pexels

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