Ali De Foy: Working in football media and supporting St Mirren is a dream come true

You are a big St Mirren fan, sum up what the club means to you.

St Mirren literally is my life as cheesy as that may sound. The club is something that I can share with family and friends. Being a Buddie is a constant rollercoaster. You are never alone. If you attend a match by yourself, very quickly you’ll make friends.

I’ve been attending matches since I was five years old and to go to the ground is the best feeling as you are sharing the same passion with thousands of others.

The club have won a major honour in your life team and multiple promotions. What are your memories of those events?

Winning the league cup in 2013 was incredible. The build up to it was amazing as I went to every game with my family.

For example, on the eve of the Celtic game, I was working in England at the time and my shift finished at 2am on the day of the game. I then drove all the way up to Scotland to make sure that I could be at St Mirren Park to meet my family in time to have breakfast and get the bus with everyone to Hampden.

We then got the bus to Hampden and the excitement was the best feeling in the world. Then to go on and win the cup was just unbelievably special.

Another memory was the game against Dundee United that we had to win to stay up in the Premiership. Václav Hladký was superb in that match and when we won the penalty shoot out. It felt like we had won the league that day.

We partied in Paisley until the early hours and it was such a great day. There are plenty of lows supporting St Mirren too but the highs make it all worth it.

As a fan of the club what is it like to work on St Mirren TV and be in and around the club?

It’s the best job ever! I’d always wanted to be a TV presenter and now to present for the club I love along with my other shows it’s a dream come true. At this moment, I feel very lucky as I am able to attend games when my family and friends can’t. It feels like they are there through me.

The club is like my second home as I know everyone and they are all so welcoming and a joy to work alongside.

The club is family oriented from top to bottom and it’s a privilege to be a part of the football club.

You are an important member of the Go Radio Football Show with Barry Ferguson, Si Ferry and many others. What is it like working on the show?

We started the show because in Scotland there is such a massive love for football at all levels. It’s not just about one or two clubs in particular. We wanted to capture the game as a whole as we felt like there was a gap in the market for that.

As a station, we love the game and we have football experts like Barry and Si who are still actively involved in the game too. Rob MacLean and Paul Cooney have covered the game on the media side for decades as well so we have a really strong blend working on the show.

We aim to have a good, honest conversation with our listeners and ensure that we air a wide variety of views on the show too.

Based on your broadcasting experience so far, what would your advice be to aspiring broadcasters?

The best advice I was given was do this because you love it. You have to live it and breath it and understand that preparation is key. You can never be prepared enough.

Fail to prepare then prepare to fail as they say. Be a sponge, work hard and opportunities will come for you. Crucially, when they do come don’t shy away from them. In Scotland, we can have a tendency to be humble and not push ourselves forward.

However, when I worked in London, I soon realised that you need to back yourself because if you can do something well and believe in yourself then you will make it. Be confident and push yourself because although one job may not be for you, another opportunity will soon arise that is for you.

Last but not least, we’ve discussed your love of the Buddies. What would you say the best 11 of your lifetime has been so far?

That’s such a tough question but if I was to give it a go then this would be my eleven.

Campbell Money would be in goal.

Graham Carey, Barry McLaughlin, Norrie McWhirter and Paul Dummett would be in defence.

In midfield it’s a bit of a mish mash but these players would make it work. I would have: Kenny McLean, John McGinn, Paul McGowan, Gary Teale and Jim Goodwin.

With Steven Thompson being my striker.

That would be an epic team should they ever get the chance to play together (laughs).

Published by Callum McFadden

Football CFB founder. Freelance football writer & broadcaster of over 350 interviews with professional players and managers across all levels of football.

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