Alan Tonge: Eric Harrison taught me so much

What was it like working with Eric Harrison at Manchester United? He has been talked about as an inspiration by the class of 92 and many others. How important was he in your development?

“Class of ’92 and Salford City FC agree unique partnership with University of Salford” by University of Salford is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Eric was great for me and for Manchester United. He was a tough uncompromising character which I think came from the fact that he was a centre half as a player. He was as hard as nails.

When you talk to modern academy coaches, they talk about having question and answer sessions with their group of players with a democratic decision making process that encompasses both staff and players.

Back then, it wasn’t like that at all (laughs). It was Eric’s way. He said it and you did it. It helped me and so many others to build up resilience and become a strong human being.

He was brilliant.

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