Josh Askew: Giving back to the local community following null and void decision

Photograph courtesy of Josh Askew

How are you feeling about the league season being made null and void?

Devastated in all honesty especially after the way last season ended and the longer break that we had. It was so good to back playing football.

I joined Chester and was finding my rhythm and never expected the season to end this way. If you asked clubs at the start of the season then I’m sure they didn’t think it would end this way either. It is what it is because we can’t change it unfortunately so that’ll be us until next season.

It’s important to stay as positive as I can. As a club, Chester made the correct decision for the club in these uncertain times and they’ve looked after us as players. I hope I can get a proper contract sorted with the club in the near future and look to the future.

It’s been a tough time for many within football mentall. However, you have been giving back in your local community by working with local school kids. Can you talk me through your work?

During the first lockdown, I transitioned from full time to part time when I joined Boston so working to earn money was vital in addition to my football.

I also had a lot of time to myself so it was vital to be proactive. I applied for job with Sport First Coaching. The role involves me working with local primary schools and coaching football with the kids.

I’m absolutely loving it. I remember saying to my boss that he is my first boss out with football which surprised him. I honestly couldn’t be happier as he’s superb to work for and very accommodating with my football commitments which is first class.

The school I’m based at is very good and I find working with the kids verbs rewarding. It’s multi-sports coaching so I’m broadening my horizons out with football too.

It’s made me realise that there is life outside of football and given me an even greater appreciation of my role within football. Working with young kids ensures that you keep your feet on the ground.

To be able to coach the kids is something I enjoy as I could be working on a building site or in another industry that may not be as suited to me and my personality.

I also coach a Sunday league team and combining that with football and job has been really good for me mentally too. This is the happiest I’ve ever been. Long may it continue.

How excited are you for next season and the hope that normality can return not only in football but society?

I cannot wait for the environment to return to a level of stability that we are all used to. We all miss going out with friends and going out for a meal but when everything that we miss returns it’ll be great.

I am buzzing for next season to crack on with my football and to get back to playing week in week out.

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