Gavin Blackwell: Chris Wilder deserves credit for his managerial career so far

“File:Chris Wilder.png” by is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Chris Wilder leaves Sheffield United. A sad day for Blades fans and for Chris himself. He is as big fan of the club as anyone.

A sponge at Sheffield United, in his playing days, nothing more than a stock player but he took it all in under Dave Bassett and Geoff Taylor.

He was one of those men within football that talked football all the time on away journeys.

Alfreton won four trophies, success at Halifax, and Oxford followed. He even brought Dave Bassett to give the squad a pep talk when Oxford reached Wembley.

He always backs his staff. That is summed up by him having the legend Alan Hodgkinson on his staff as goalkeeping coach at the age of 75.

Another successful job at Northampton Town followed before he made the journey to his beloved Blades. From League 1 to the Premier League in a few years. The stuff of legend.

He is a manager you would love to work for. He sets high standards and a positive ethos. He is driven and is a serial winner.

He will be back very soon. I have no doubts about it.

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