Mozza Plays: BSC Glasgow, League restart and streaming

Photograph courtesy of BSC Glasgow.

How did the link between yourself and BSC Glasgow come about?

I got in touch with them a way back asking for information for football manager because I was putting a database together and I wanted some details for squads. I got a wee bit of banter back and forth with Michael who it turns out is the social media guy. They came to me actually and said ‘do you fancy doing a blog for our website that’s football manager based? We’re looking for a few extra things to shove on.”

It’s grown arms and legs from there to the point where I’m now club ambassador. So yeah it came out of nowhere but I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Do you think if the Lowland League is called off that it would be fair for the play-offs not to take place for the second season in a row?

I definitely think it would be unfair if they stopped the play-offs full-stop. Tier 5 (of the Pyramid) is a wee bit different in that most clubs seem to believe in this collective goal which is get teams up to the SPFL. There was few moans last year when Kelty were declared winners to try get them into a play-off but overall people said that’s the right thing to do give a team a chance. That will be the same this year I’m pretty sure and it would Kelty that would be the nominee if we’re not allowed to play again.

From my point of view for the integrity of the Pyramid system that play-off has to be given a chance. If a team from the Highland (league) or Lowland (league) can’t fulfil it so be it. It’s their choice to say they can’t play but they can’t close it down without giving the opportunity for the game to happen. League 1, League 2 committed to it pre-season even if it was going to be a shortened season and I don’t want to see them try get out of it.

That’s quite a surprise considering how close BSC Glasgow and Kelty Hearts are in the league. Surely it will be heartbreaking for the side if the league was called off now.

Massively, we had a real good chance this year. We still had all the big boys to play. It worked out beautifully for us schedule wise, we were going to get a run of games where if got some wins we would’ve built momentum massively. We would’ve played Kelty, East Kilbride, Bonnyrigg all in the space of a couple weeks so it is gutting from our side that we are not going to get that opportunity now. It’s the best squad we’ve had in the whole time I’ve been with the club but it is what it is. You can’t really predict a global pandemic can you? I’m happy we got to see some football this year and I’m happy we put some football out there as well.

By the way you’ve been speaking about the current status of the league is it fair to say that it’s likely the lowland league will be called off?

As things stand we’ve been told to wait until the start of next month for a final say from the SFA. They’ve told us not to totally right things off but by that point you only have a month left. We have to have our season done and dusted by the end of April to allow the play-offs to happen, then there’s a set date we need to nominate a champion club by to allow that to happen. Either we do a mini-tournament for 3 or 4 teams, which again is going to have it’s own issues and it’s own fights about, or we just nominate a club. I can’t now see us restarting in all honesty we might comeback and play the Lowland League cup, which happens at the end of every season, but that just be a cheerio to the year.

BSC Glasgow became a pioneer in streaming when they utilised your Twitch channel to broadcast their games for free. How does it feel being one of the first to stream games during the pandemic?

I like to think of us as that kind of club. We will try new things which is why I really enjoy being part of it. There’s a freshness about BSC where we don’t pretend to be an old club. The slogan is ‘History is Overrated’ for a reason. We’ll try different things and if they don’t work so be it, if they do work great. Since we started our Twitch Kilwinning Rangers followed our lead and they’ve had brilliant success showing their live games on it. Broxburn have found a way to get their live games out for free as well. We’ve helped each other in that regard but I do like to see us as quite a forward thinking, ambitious club that way.

It seems like the perfect relationship between you and the club. BSC Glasgow had a place to broadcast games and the club helped you grow your channel.

The reason I’m now a partner with twitch is because of BSC. So many people watched those streams and Twitch are really keen to get more sports content on the website. I chatted to their head of sports in Europe and that’s why I’m a partner now. Both of us have benefitted majorly form it.

How does it feel to be part of a club like BSC?

I don’t know what I’d do without being part of BSC now. The fact that they’ve trusted me as initially a guy who just played games online and its progressed to the point where I’m presenting and commentating on live games or I’m chatting a way with players. It’s more than just bring a ‘gamer’ on at this point it’s like a genuine partnership. It means the world to me I love it.

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