Chris Sutton on BoBo Balde

He was known for Bobo is going to get you and diving into tackles. Would he be allowed near Henrik Larsson in training?

Credit: Anders Henrikson

Yes, To be fair. The thing with Bobo is that he just singled everybody out. He wasn’t fearful of anybody even Henrik.

Henrik because he had the serious injury when he broke his leg during a lot of the training he used to wear these special shin pads.

Credit: Liondartois

Let’s just say when Bobo was up against him, he certainly wore the shin pads and studs because Henrik could dish it out as well you know.

But Bobo was absolutely fearsome. I mean he was a hundred kilos, but he was a hundred kilos of muscle. He was absolutely ripped. And I’ll tell you, he was great to share a dressing room with. He used to lash out indiscriminately at times in the tunnel and you wouldn’t be staying in his area when he was coming off a pitch but that was Bobo.

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