Marvin Bartley: Eddie Howe’s dedication is second to none

“Marvin Bartley” by StuBramley is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Celtic are in advanced talks to name Eddie Howe as their new manager.

I spoke to Marvin Bartley who has extensive knowledge of Scottish football and worked under Eddie Howe at Bournemouth and won promotion to League 1 under him in 2010.

Listen to the FULL interview here.

During your time at Bournemouth you won a promotion under Eddie Howe. He was just establishing himself as a young coach at the time.

Sum up what it was like working with him from your perspective?

He was very young at the time. He was also at the club under Kevin Bond before he took charge so I was used to working with Eddie in a coaching capacity.

He would take the younger players for afternoon sessions and we’d work on position specific training.

Then, he was appointed manager after the departure of Jimmy Quinn and he made a huge impact straight away because he took the level of professionalism at the club up by one hundred times.

We had a slow start and lost a couple of our first four games but he never panicked and as players we believed in him too. It was only a matter of time before that translated into game day.

He was the first manager I had who I thought, ‘This isn’t a job for him, it’s a lifestyle’ because he put absolutely everything into being the best that he could be.

For example, he would be first into the training ground and last out of the training ground. He knew our strengths and worked hard on how we could exploit our opponents weaknesses.

I think every player who played under him at that time would say the same thing: the culture he created around the whole club was magical.

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