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Where does your love for Arsenal come from?

Everybody’s story’s different but they were the first team I could remember, and QPR for some reason, but Arsenal to me were synonymous with the 1988-89 season. I was very young so I don’t remember much of that season but I know that we almost threw away the league title. Then you can’t forget the game at Anfield, which for me was the best ever league finish ever regardless of what era. That was my first memory but a big reason was Ian Wright joining the club. I think every young black growing up who supported Arsenal can relate to that, Ian wright was a huge factor and inspiration because he broke into the professional game very late. He was the first person (I looked up to) and the team winning the title in 89 was a huge factor.

So why did you come to the decision to start your own youtube channel focussing on Arsenal?

People had said to me maybe over the last two and a half, three years or so that they were surprised I never got into it but I never really had a reason why. I think the turning point, which is quite a negative, was when I unfortunately lost my mum to Covid during the first lockdown last April so I had a lot to think about. I also had bit of down time obviously whilst on furlough from work at the time and I had a private conversation with my eldest sister at the time . She said look you’ve got a bit of money aside is there anything you want to do with it, I said I wanted to get a laptop and she asked why I didn’t get into the Youtube thing and thats where it started. I bought my laptop back in May, June. Complete novice to youtube, I had no background, my networking was zero. Youtube’s a funny one because there’s so many ways you can do it. You can be someone that networks on Instagram to build their profile, you’ve got people who appear on other Youtube channels but don’t have one of their own or people might build up a twitter profile. With myself I had zero, there was no Arsenal connections, nothing. If you start Youtube take your time, there’s a lot to learn.

How would you describe the content you create to people who may have never seen your channel before?

As an Arsenal fan watching the youtube scene blow up over the last five years, not just with Arsenal but football in general, because there’s so much Arsenal content out there it’s about standing out from the crowd. You do your match previews and reviews. The way I work is I brainstorm. Get a pad of paper, a pen and write down what you want to do with your channel. What I wanted to do is cover football topics generally. Some of the bigger you tubers have spoken about social issues on their channel, I mean I’ve spoken about racism and social media on my platform, I’m not afraid to talk about it. You have to take the rough with the smooth because unfortunately on youtube, and everything you do in life, you’re going to get haters. I love Arsenal but I wanted to step out the box. Two of the content series I’ve done is talking about underrated footballers that maybe don’t get the appreciation they deserve and life of stories where get fans on, not just of Arsenal but other football clubs. I would say you have to be yourself and try copy anyone else.

I can see that you have a few retro kits in the background are there any in particular that you are really fond of?

Since I’m an 80’s kid I do like the old school kits. I love the banana kit, I love the old adidas ones from when Wrighty and Paul Merson were playing. A lot of the stuff I get, the old school retro stuff, is from EBAY, it’s perfect for that. There’s loads of stuff out there for people who are into old school kits and memorabilia. I actually want the red Adidas 90’s kit, that’s one I need to get. I like things like pin badges, I think their quite distinctive, and also anything jacket wise.

Finally I would love to hear your thoughts on Arsenal and Mikel Arteta?

“19.02.2013 Arsenal – FC Bayern” by senSATZionell is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The issues that Mikel Arteta has got is trust. If he is going live and die by his sword by picking the likes of Granit Xahka, Hector Bellerin, David Luiz and Willian, you are putting trust into players that have consistently not delivered at the highest level. If you are going to do that as an inexperienced manager then you’re asking for trouble and the trust thing is going to be his downfall. There’s very few players in this Arsenal squad that I would trust. Arsenal fans do you trust this group of players to get you top four or to where you want to be, the answer’s no. What players would you trust in that squad, it’s very few.I mean I absolutely love Kieran Tierney, I wanted him at Arsenal for about two, three years before we got him. Him, Saka, Martinez at the time, Leno, Aubameyang, Martinelli, Partey and Gabriel so that was about eight after that you’re kind of thinking this is not looking good. That’s the issue we’ve got. When we looking at the Europa league final a few years ago now, we’ve still got six or seven of that starting line up still at Arsenal, that can’t be right.

It’s the culture of the club that Mikel Arteta is trying to get rid of and fair play to him. It was a big call dropping Aubameyang and you have to respect him for making that call.

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