Alan Thompson: If I could play for any manager in this era then it would have to be Klopp

“File:Jurgen Klopp LFC Parade 2019.jpg” by Pete is marked with CC0 1.0

As a footballer, Alan Thompson played under some top managers including Martin O’Neill at Celtic as the club reached the UEFA Cup (now the Europa League) final in 2003 and won multiple domestic honours.

I asked Alan which of the so called ‘super coaches’ of today that he’d like to have played for if given the choice. His answer was emphatic.

Photograph from 2018

There are many elite coaches such as Guardiola, Klopp, Mourinho and many others in the modern game. Which coach would you like to have worked with if given the choice?

It would have to be Jurgen Klopp. I admire his intensity and the way he conducts himself as you can tell that his players love playing for him.

As players when your backs are up against the wall then you want a manager like him. He’s an inspiration to his players and the Liverpool fans. He’s been a breathe of fresh air to the English game on and off the pitch. His passion on the sidelines is great and his press conferences are always interesting too.

His Liverpool team have had immense success in the last few years and although it hasn’t been a vintage season for him or Liverpool this year, he’d be the manager I’d love to have played for.

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