PG & Dak’s Real Fitbaw Podcast- The fast growing Junior football podcast

Why did you guys decide to start a podcast?

PG: It was me at the start. I love podcasts, I listen to them all the time. I got to the stage where I told my wife I really want to do this (podcasting) and she said just do it then. So I started with a twitter page where people were saying all the best and that. I’d known Dak for years and he sent me a message saying all the best. I then said to my Wife “I should get Dak in on this, I think it would be a good laugh”. I then asked him and he was up for it. It was pretty quick to be fair when it started.

Dak: I think PG was going to ask myself and the gaffer at Ashwood FC on as a guest. I think he was giving me a wee trial run to start with. He said “come in a do a couple of shows”, I don’t think he was 100% sure on me. The two of us got together a few times and it took off from there. It’s really kept us going especially through this pandemic. The way we got together was kind of out the blue. I wouldn’t say we were in contact loads. We’ve known each other for years, we’ve played football together and we’ve certainly played a lot of football against each other. It was more by chance and it’s worked out perfect because it’s going really well.

Your podcast is uniquely focused on Junior football. Why did you decide to cover the non-league side of Scottish football?

PG: It’s what we know. The two of us have played it for so long, we’ve had over a decade playing Juniors and we know a lot of people. I thought it would be easy getting people on because we know them. Like Clydebank were top of the West of Scotland Premier League before it ended, we’re friends with the assistant manager there. It was just a natural fit I thought.

Dak: For me I’m a big promoter and I massively try to push this level of football because it’s been a big part of our lives, I’m a coach at Ashfield and I’ve been there for three seasons now. We’ve met some of the best characters and pals for life, it’s amazing the people you meet in the Juniors. For me it’s about getting clubs exposure. It’s about fun and having laugh. We’re thoroughly enjoying doing it and I hope it just keeps going from strength to strength. There’s loads and loads of people out there that we’re hoping to get round to interviewing.

You said you both have been in Junior football for a long time. What specific changes have you seen happen over your time at that level?

PG: I was 18 when I started so that was 2006. For seven or eight years nothing had changed, then there was a lot more younger guys coming in after being released from Senior clubs. I think the perception of the Juniors has changed from being guys on the way down who just want leather people really. I would say there’s been a bigger change in the last year than the 10,15 years before that. Most teams seem so serious about progressing the club even the club I’m involved with are joining the league this season and Dak’s team are getting GPS vests. If you did that four or five years ago you’d have been laughed at but now it’s just accepted, so I think there’s been a massive change.

Dak: The big thing I’ve seen is the massive change in players. I look at the people I shared a dressing room with 10 years ago and a lot of the things that happened in the dressing room and I think the way players are dealt with is a lot different. I also think financially a lot of clubs are working on getting a bit of money, a bit of backing, a lot of clubs have put money into their infrastructure. I think the facilities have improved a lot as well, a lot of the places we went to 10 years ago would probably be unrecognisable. A Junior player 10 year ago would always be thought of as a big, bald, hairy-arsed, fat guy where as now it’s young boys and you can’t really say too much to them. They want to come in and they want to talk about money. Back then the first thing we wanted to speak about was football. I know from my point of view I was never good enough to get money at clubs because I wasn’t playing with clubs who dished out money.

Is there any goals that you have set for the podcast?

Dak: We just want to see how far we can take the podcast. We’re loving every minute of it. The plans for us is we’re hopefully going into a studio and we’ll be recording our episodes from a studio and that’s always been our plan. I would love to have five or six different managers and have fans from the clubs doing a QnA with it being about what’s happened that season, like an open forum. I would love to have Si Ferry and Slaney on, we could just chat about football. Guarantee I’d teach Slaney a few bits of patter.

I really just want to keep people interested. I love just talking about football, I’m not one that looks down the line. I think it’s only going to get better once restrictions lift. This special that’s coming out will be good for every person that loves football.

PG: When we started I had a list of people who were dream guests. One of the dream guests was Gordon Duncan from the Clyde 1 phone in and we’ve had him on already, it was a bit too quick almost. I would probably like Mark Wilson and Gordon Dalziel on, I think me and Dak would have some laugh with them. We’re looking to get a few Lowland league managers on aswell.

The only goal we had was to get 50 listeners to an episode, our first episode including downloads and views has over 2,000. With the relative success we’ve had, it has given us a taste to see what we can do. We’ve got a thing lined up where go behind the scenes at clubs like Darvel and Clydebank. We get involved a wee bit as well. We just want to be different.

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