Keurten Martha: Life in Dutch football and making it in the U.K.

You are currently playing for Aberystwyth Town F.C in Wales. How are you enjoying your time at the club so far and how would you describe the club?

I am really enjoying my time at Aberystwyth Town F.C. so far and I have been at the club for a while although I had to adapt to a different style of football in Wales than what I was used to in the Netherlands. Football here in Wales is very physical and I have been well looked after by the club since arriving here in Wales. Our current manager Gavin Allen has a very positive personality and that is something I view to be important.

You also played in the Netherlands for different clubs and at different levels. How do you look back on your time playing football in the country and do you have any particular highlights or memories?

One of my highlights was representing a regional team of the Dutch FA ( KNVB ) and also winning championships at different clubs at different levels. I was fortunate enough to be part of a good squad of players and looking back that was also a highlight of my career so far.

You mentioned the physical aspects of playing professional football in Wales. Did you notice clear differences between football in Wales and the Netherlands?

Yes , Football is Wales is very physical where players go above and beyond to chase after the ball and never giving up and in the Netherlands the players are more relaxed and the opponents in the Netherlands are less physical.

You have accrued good experience in Wales and the Netherlands so far in your career and that you have played with some good players so far in your career, could you say which players have left a positive impression on you?

Even in youth football that I have gained a lot of experience in I have been fortunate to play with some very good players so far and it is not that case that I look up to certain players for example.

I can imagine in your position as a defender that you have played against many good opponents so far in your career, Could you say which opponents have stood out for you in terms of talent and ability?

To be honest in terms of opponents it has not been too bad. It has not been the case that a certain player has caught my eye or that an opponent has made a certain action or dribble that has impressed me.

Finally Keurten. Looking ahead to the future, you are still young and do you have any particular dreams or ambitions that you would like to fulfill during your career as a professional footballer?

Yes, I am in talks with my agent and the most important thing for me at the moment is to play regular games in Wales for Aberystwyth Town F.C. Looking ahead to the future I would like to make the step to playing professional football in England. I really like the Spanish La Liga as a league because it has so much quality and it must be a great league to play in for a professional player. It would be a dream to play for Manchester United in England or FC Barcelona in Spain and in the Netherlands Ajax of course and you never know what might happen in the future especially in professional football.

FEATURE PHOTOGRAPH: Courtesy of Keurten and provided to James Rowe for use in this article.

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